Hydrating Herbal Rain Moisturizing Natural Face Serum

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  • All Natural Face Moisturizer Serum

    Herbal Rain Moisturizing Serum is an all natural face moisturizer that repairs and restructures major layers of skin that have degenerated from aging, sun damage, chemicals, and/or stress. This all natural face serum blends various plant extracts to fight against the visible signs of aging. Botanical ingredients and Biomimetic Peptide optimize cell renewal and increase skin’s firmness and elasticity.

    Hydrating Herbal Rain is a natural facial moisturizer that combines vitamins with essential oils to boost collagen production, reduce fine lines, and hydrate skin.

    A Natural Face Moisturizer For All Skin Types

    This all natural face moisturizer is designed for all skin types and for those of all ages. Our formula penetrates deep into the skin to give you a high concentration of active, all-natural ingredients. It is recommended that you use this moisturizer before Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cream and after the Radiant Cleanser in order to achieve maximum results.

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