Blog: Why MADE SAFE Matters

MADE SAFE is a nonprofit certification program that certifies and approves a variety of personal care items, household items, and so much more. MADE SAFE matters because it is a seal of safety and reassurance that the products you are using, will not cause harm to your health. Purchasing products that have the ‘MADE SAFE’ label on them, ensure you that the product is:

  1. Not tested on animals
  2. Non-toxic
  3. Lab tested
  4. Certified

The MADE SAFE process ensures that the product you are purchasing has been tested for and are free from:

  1. Behavioral toxins
  2. Carcinogens
  3. Developmental toxins
  4. Endocrine disruptors
  5. Fire retardants
  6. GMOs
  7. Heavy Metals
  8. Neurotoxins
  9. Pesticides/insecticides/herbicides
  10. Reproductive toxins
  11. Toxic solvents
  12. Harmful VOCs

The certification process will give you peace of mind knowing that the products are free of toxic chemicals and ingredients. Many of the items that you see on drugstore shelves and even in high-end retail shops, do not carry a MADE SAFE seal. This means they may possibly contain the above-mentioned ingredients. The products that have this safety seal have been crafted with ingredients that are known to not cause any harm to human health. Many of the products that you use daily contain some or all of the harmful ingredients listed above. MADE SAFE goes one step further to ensure the presence of harmful toxins in its products is virtually nonexistent.

The entire Seasons of Beauty product line has the MADE SAFE seal so you can rest assure that the products you are using are completely safe. Just like MADE SAFE believes in full ingredient disclosure, so does Seasons of Beauty. It is every shopper’s right to know what they are putting on their skin, the side effects, and the possible problems they pose to your health. Purchasing a product with this safety seal means that you are fully aware of the ingredients within in the product and can rest assure that the product has undergone rigorous testing to get that seal of approval.

Finding skincare and personal care items that are both effective and toxic-free can definitely be a challenge. When you see the MADE SAFE seal, it means that the item has been tested for bioaccumulation, persistence (stays in the environment), and aquatic toxicity.

Products that are clean and consciously sourced is a top priority for items that pass as MADE SAFE. Looking for this certification is a way to emblemize the safety and integrity of the products that you purchase.

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